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Opening of “.vin” and “.wine” on the Internet: 6 questions to fully understand the stakes

11/28/2014 | arev

For many months, the wine sector has strived to try and obtain the protection of Geographical Indications (GIs) on the Internet at the occasion of the opening of the new domain names “.vin” and “.wine”. What are the stakes for appellations of origin? Why is the ICANN persisting in wanting to sell the “.vin” and “.wine” domain names without ...

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France: wine is part of its cultural heritage

10/22/2014 | arev

The /Journal officiel de la République française/ (Official Gazette of the French Republic) has just published Act No. 2014-1170 [1] of 13 October 2014 for the future of agriculture, food and forestry. This Act supplements chapter V, Part VI of Book VI of the Rural and Maritime Fishing Code by Section L. 665-6 that reads as follows: [1] ...

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Declaration by the Elected Representatives concerning the opening of the “.vin” and “.wine” domain names

07/03/2014 | arev

  *The ICANN cannot decide the future of our economies* The governance of the internet is not a matter to be taken lightly. The debates concerning the opening of the new domain names by the ICANN demonstrate this: digital technology concretely impacts on our economies. Governing the internet equates to governing our economies.  As the elected ...

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06/04/2014 | arev

Given the different positions expressed during the negotiations of the wine sector in the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), where on one hand the Assembly of European Wine Regions (AREV) requires the fulfilment of the very severe safeguards of the wine sector and proposes changes in the negotiation and, on the other hand, the European ...

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Contribution of Jean-Paul BACHY - AREV International Congress - Grand Duchy of Luxembourg - 8-9 May 2014

05/27/2014 | arev

  *AREV International Congress    * *Grand Duchy of Luxembourg* *8-9 May 2014 Contribution of Jean-Paul BACHY* *President of the ...

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