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Working group Flavescence dorée organized by the AREV – Lyon - 3 February 2017 – PRESENTATIONS

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Further to the important meeting with the expert group, in connection with the Flavescence Dorée, which was held latest 3rd of February in Lyon, we suggest you to find out the presentations which have been made by each of the participants. You can download them below (at the bottom of page)

*      Strategy Plan to combat the decline of the vine by Christophe Riou of the French Vine and Wine Institute, coordinator of the plan on a European scale, expert for AREV and for the OIV  

*      Technical presentation by the European Commission on the new European regulations concerning protection measures against organisms harmful to plants coming into force on the 14/12/2019: main areas of improvement, by Yannis KARAMITSIOS – DG Health and Food Safety, European Commission

*       Analysis of the regulations in force on a European scale, the Member states and Regions and presentation of the results of the questionnaire sent to the Regions by Jacques Grosman, Expert referent for vine growing, organizer of the national network of the expert referents about  the protection of vegetables to the Ministry of Agriculture, in the food industry and the French Ministry of Agriculture and Forest,  and expert for AREV/OIV

*      Presentation of the Action Plan defined by AREV for Flavescence dorée by Joanne Musset, leader for the Flavescence Dorée for AREV, policy officer for the region Provence Alpes Côte d’azur

      *   Presentation of the work carried out by EFSA to analyse the risks of propagation of the disease by Giuseppe Stancanelli, head of unit, and Thierry Candresse, expert to l’EFSA, research supervisor for INRA

*      Scientific and technical advances for improved management of the combat by François Michel Bernard of the French Vine and Wine Institute and coordinator for the FD of the Winetwork; European thematic network of the H2020 programme.

*      Presentation of the Winetwork programme, by Kristina Diklic (Institute for Agriculture and Tourism, Porec, Croatia), and Maurizio Gily, (Consultant, Region Piemonte)


First of all, this meeting has allowed to update the state of progress of this case further to the resolution adopted by AREV in 2014 and further to the initiatives which have been undertaken by the AREV next to the European Commission, but also with the International Organization of Vine and Wine and the European research program Winetwork from Horizon 2020 project, bringing together 7 member states and 10 wine-producing regions. Furthermore, this meeting has allowed to approach the axes of improvement which would be proposed on the European regulation and the good agricultural practices, in order to fight more effectively against the disease, further to the results of the questionnaire that you will have filled and with proposals of the Winetwork program.


The works realized by the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) about the disease spread risks have been also submitted.


A draft resolution is being written.

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