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Resolution of the AREV on the control of Flavescence dorée

Friday 28 Nov 2014

Le 28 Nov 2014 -


Unanimously adopted Resolution of the AREV on the control of Flavescence dorée




Enforcing the measures of Council Directive 2000/29/EC of 8th May 2000 should enable to halt the introduction and dissemination of organisms harmful to plants on the territory of the European Union. And among the diseases caused by such organisms, over the past several years, Flavescence dorée has turned out to be a real plague for a large part of European vineyards.


Facing the rapid dissemination of the quarantine disease in many Member states and the difficulties which viticulturists are meeting to eradicate it, the AREV believes it is urgent, both on a health and economic point of view, to take additional measures against this epidemic-prone plague and the disastrous consequences for vine-growing professionals.


The major stakes are both the safeguarding of infected vineyards and the preservation of unscathed vineyards by reinforcing the methods of detecting the disease.


To this end, the AREV thus requests that the European Commission take all necessary initiatives in order to

  • establish an inventory at a European level of surveillance and control methods of the disease,
  • harmonise at a European level the strategies to control Flavescence dorée and its vector,
  • finance research programmes in the scope of the Eighth Framework Programme - Horizon 2020:
    •      on this disease and its potential vectors,
    •      on the design of technical tools to detect, control and reduce impacts, and more specifically on the development of strategies alternative to chemical treatments to manage vector populations,
  • organise compensation for viticulturists, including in the scope of national aid programmes for the wine sector.


The AREV requests that the Commission take these initiatives promptly.

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