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Resolution of the AREV on the ICANN, “.vin” and “.wine”

Friday 28 Nov 2014

Le 28 Nov 2014 -



Unanimously adopted Resolution of the AREV on the ICANN, “.vin” and “.wine”




For several months now, the AREV has expressed its strong concerns over the absence of protective measures - contrary to brand names - for European viticultural PDO and PGI names (and names of the eponymous regions) in the future internet domain names “.vin” and “.wine”. In this regard, it reminds the serious consequences that this practice would mean for consumers (marketing of products unrelated to a GI by the holder of the domain name usurped from the GI) and producers (name usurpation, misappropriation of notoriety, cybersquatting: chianti.wine, rioja.wine, bordeaux.wine, porto.wine, rheingau.wine, tokaj.wine etc.).


The AREV acknowledges the temporary suspension  of the delegation  of the “.vin” and “.wine” domain names obtained by the European and American wine sector and by the European Commission following the initiation of amicable procedures against the ICANN’s decision. It hopes that this procedure will lead to a satisfactory solution for all.


In the event that this amicable procedure is not settled, the AREV requests that the European Commission use all available remedies including the initiation of a contentious procedure against the ICANN.


In its capacity as Guardian of the Treaties, the European Commission shall need to demonstrate its complete commitment to defending the concept of PDOs and PGIs by requiring that the same rules as those applied in real economy be applied online.

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