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A word from the President




As you know, I was elected President of AREV in 2015 in Epernay for the remaining duration of the mandate started by my predecessor. This mandate ends in May 2016 and, in accordance with Article 10 of the Statutes, the International Council of AREV which will meet at the plenary session of 2016 in Lednice (South Moravia) must elect a president for a new two-year mandate.


This first year of mandate has allowed me to grasp the issues and challenges facing our association. The problems tackled in 2015, such as European wine-growing in the transatlantic market, the 'simplification' reform initiated by the Commission, the defence and promotion of wine-growing on steep slopes, and interregional cooperation on aspects of wine-growing which allow us to promote our native soil and our territories, will certainly be the focus of our concerns over the next two years. To search for solutions and put them into action requires us to continue with the work started by Vice President Aly Leonardy and all the positive efforts made by AREV.


In parallel to this, I think we need to make our political action more effective by enhancing our visibility, our prominence and presence vis-à-vis the European institutions and media established in Brussels. With this in mind, our statutes and internal regulations should be examined in depth and, where necessary, revised.


Therefore, with regard to both wine-growing policy and the improvement of our general functioning, I would ask you to place your trust in me once more, and allow me to continue serving AREV for a further two-year mandate.


Turin, 26 April 2016


Sergio Chiamparino

President of AREV