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EVORA (Alentejo/Portugal - 19/06/2009)
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At their plenary session at EVORA (Alentejo/Portugal), the political and trade representatives of the Assembly of European Wine Regions (AREV) stressed the importance of a quality-driven viticulture that reflects their territories and respects their identity and history.

With the forthcoming adoption of the Treaty of Lisbon, the vine and wine policy – previously essentially the domain of the Commission – will be based on a joint decision made with the European Parliament. Given this perspective, the AREV wishes to consolidate its already exemplary relations with the Parliament.

In the latest reform of the Wine CMO the Commission imposed liberal measures, like the dismantling of mechanisms for managing the economic situation and production potential. These represent a trend that the AREV opposed and continues to oppose. With regard to the report the Commission has scheduled for 2012, the AREV wishes to establish an evaluation of the different measures currently applied and to conduct a scientific study of the consequences, in socio-economic terms but also with a view to the environment and landscapes, of the liberalisation of the right to plant, programmed for 2015.

With a specific political approach due to be applied to the wine-growing sector at a European level, the AREV hopes that the Commissioner in charge of agriculture and rural development will come from a member-state where wine-growing is an economic reality.

Resolution adopted unanimously

Evora / Alentejo / Portugal, 19 June 2009