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POREC (Istrie / Croatie - 28/05/2010)
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After having met in plenary session in Poreč/Istria/Croatia, and after having exchanged their experiences concerning the implementation of the Wine - CMO reform and in conformity with the decisions taken at Evora 2009 and beforehand, the political and professional representatives of the Assembly of European Wine Regions (AREV) have unanimously adopted the following resolution:

The AREV has taken note of the difficult position in which wine growing markets find themselves in most European regions despite the large scale measures, of uprooting vines and promoting wine, undertaken since 2008. The AREV fears that the main objectives of the reform, which were aimed at increasing the competitiveness of European producers, at recovering shares in the world market and re-establishing the balance between supply and demand, are not achievable. It fears that the deregulation process that has begun will only increase the negative side effects on a socio-economic point of view, especially for small and medium-size producers.

In this context, AREV demands that the effects of the reform imposed on the commission during the Council of Ministers meeting of 18/19 December 2008 and stipulated in article 184 N° 8 of EC Regulation 1234/2007 should not just be considered as a simple progress report but should be viewed as the opportunity to judge the necessity of the reform, in the light of its economic, social and environmental impact, such as :

• maintaining the general framework of planting rights

• maintaining and reinforcing the wine cadastre

• maintaining the regulations on labelling to distinguish between AOP/IGP and other wines

• maintaining the financial arrangements specific to the wine industry in the first pillar

• freedom for member States to distribute aid from the European Union (promotion outside and inside the European Union or to vineyards of a particular character, like vineyards on steep hillsides …)

AREV also repeats its pressing demand regarding the creation of an Observatory of European viticulture which would provide the means to know the precise situation of different regions and in different states.

Résolution adoptée à l’unanimité

Poreč / Istrie / Croatie, le 28 mai 2010