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Letter from the President / 4-10-2012
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Dear President, Fellow wine professionals

Since the presentation last March of Professor Montaigne’s scientific study – which completely confirmed our fair demand to maintain regulations regarding European production potential for all categories of wine – I have kept you regularly informed of the different procedures we have undertaken with the European Parliamentary Commission, the Committee of the Regions and different member states.

Notwithstanding the total unanimity in point of view and support registered with the three latter institutional partners, we were profoundly disappointed by the European Commission which, unfortunately, has a monopoly over the initiative in this case.

Independently of the fact that the Director General took the liberty of insulting us at the 3rd HLG at Palermo, where I had the honour of representing you, the solution proposed there (liberalization of all categories of wine except PDO and PGI) represents absolutely no progress. In fact, in response to our objections to the liberalization of planting rights, the European Commission had already proposed in 2008 that PDO/PGI wines be allowed to manage increases in their surface areas through their specification sheets.

This latest proposal by the Commission therefore flies in the face of all the positions clearly expressed over the months by almost all the players concerned and denotes either a profound ignorance of the how the wine market operates, or a disguised desire to preserve the total deregulation initiated by the previous Commissioner. We cannot accept such disregard for the demand of the producer states, wine-growing regions – the first to be affected by this policy –professionals from every country, and the European Parliament.

In order to appeal to Commissioner Ciolos’s sense of service and responsibility and to find a viable solution for the future of the European wine sector, I decided it was indispensable to organize at Brussels, before the 4th meeting of the High Level Group on November 23, a large scale event with full media coverage in order to demonstrate our determination to make ourselves heard on this question which is crucial for our regional economies.

-  On 7 November, from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm at the European Parliament in Brussels

You will receive a detailed programme in the coming days, but I wish to thank you in advance for noting this date in your diary.

Your personal presence at this event alongside the trade organizations will be an opportunity for you, and for all the representatives of the wine-growing regions in question, to publicly express your determination to defend the rights of wine-growers.

I am fully aware that this is very short notice and I imagine you may already have commitments for that date but I wish to thank you in advance for making every effort to be there by my side in order to demonstrate the real mobilization of the European regions.

I look forward to receiving a favourable response from you

Yours faithfully

Jean Paul Bachy Président